Saturday, 12 December 2009

A Quiet Thank You

Thank you to those of you who have rung me, sms'd me or emailed me regarding my blog.

I must admit, I said to hubby last night that I thought I would call it a day, close the blog and simply write a private journal.

However, given the lovely and kind feedback I have had from a handful of special people, I am going to persevere.

I have found writing my blog to be incredibly cathartic. But this is coming from the perspective of one who has not been able to leave the house for the last 8 days... everything is relative!

I bare a little of my soul and a lot of our lives here. So for those of you who find the time to read my posts, thank you.


  1. You were planning on giving up? I've missed something. Don't give up. You write well and you're clearly enjoying doing so...

    Must have that coffee soon. There's an email link on my blog. Do get in touch.

  2. Thank you Plan B. I geuss like you once posted that you were experiencing a little "loss of faith" in blogging, I have been feeling the same. However, I reminded myself why I began; i.e. to have an escape route for my thoughts and to have something "for me", and I shall continue.
    Yes - would love to do coffee, but am going to let you get through Canada/Christmas first! Will definitely love to see you when you are in a "calmer space" (and hopefully new home!) early next year. Many thanks for your kind comment.