Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Looking for An Illustrator

As part of my quest to get a life, use my brain, challenge myself and fulfill a long held dream to publish children's stories, I have finally written a little tale. It was inspired by one of my gorgeous God daughter's, S, who has the biggest blue eyes in the world and is the happiest little creature known to mankind.

I would love to have it beautifully illustrated - know exactly how I want it to look, but sadly cannot even draw a stickman!

Please see below for my little story - (not sure what the copyright rules in blogging are, but if one day you see this story published under another name, do let me know and remember you read it here first!).

Sabrina and the Twinkling Star

“It’s time for bed.” Sabrina’s Mummy said
“It’s time to rest your sleepy head.”

Sabrina yawned and closed her eyes
And began to dream of the wide night skies

Sabrina soaked in the starry night
Looking around her with sheer delight!
Oh! Look at the stars, all so bright!

Suddenly, Sabrina stopped.....

In the dark there was a “bump!”
She had come upon a great big lump!

What had Sabrina found, lying there?
A little star, crying with fear

“What’s the matter?” asked Sabrina in concern
“I have lost my twinkle and can no longer burn.”

“Oh no!” cried Sabrina in dismay
“Can I help you in any way?”

“I must get warm to twinkle again.
If I don’t, my star will wane.
But all I do is shiver and shake
And lie here in the cold and dark, awake.”

“I have an idea!” Sabrina gasped
“We must make you warm before the night is past.
Please let me cuddle you all night long
And I could sing you a happy song.”

Sabrina stayed with the little star all night
Cuddling him close, warm and tight
She sang to him her favourite song
‘Out in the world where we belong....’

As the night grew, Sabrina and her new friend slept
Feeling warm and happy the little star’s heart leapt

As the little star warmed he started to glow
And his tiny points once again began to show

Sabrina woke and rubbed her eyes in a daze
And look! Oh my! The little star’s ablaze!

“Oh thank you Sabrina” the little star said with a beam
“I’ve got my twinkle back and can be seen!”

“To say thank you, please take my wish.”
And the little star blew Sabrina a magical kiss

And now every day when Sabrina smiles
The twinkle in her big blue eyes can be seen for miles

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